Where to buy Computer, laptops & other Accessories in Bangalore


Buying computer, notebook, accessories or electronic gadgets in Bangalore can really be an ordeal if you do not search the right places. Most of the shops can take you for a ride if you do not compare the specifications and the price with others. I recently encountered this problem when I tried to buy a 4-GB Kingston pen drive! When I tried two shops on CMH road, one said it is 550/-, another 600/- with tax. One of my friends brought it in Kolkata for 425 bucks so my quest was to get it cheaper. Sorry, I am price conscious. Thus, the thought of doing some research before buying the damn thing was born!

The learned community of “Techenclave” and “Thinkdigit” suggested me to look into a place called S.P. Road (Sadar Patrappa road). Well, sure it is one of the cheapest of markets in Bangalore. If you are struggling to find out the place then here is the direction. From any place go to either “Majestic” or “Shivaji Nagar” bus terminus and from there take anything to go to the City market (also known as the K.R. Market). Boy, you sure will be down and dirty. The place is truly a congested one, and you might scratch your head in disbelief by the sheer number of the shops in here! However, there is a catch. All the shops in S.P. Market are there to do some serious business and you are one of the prospective clients (a.k.a. Murga). So, beware!
Never ever, buy from the first shop you visit! An absolute prerequisite. If you do, the whole point of coming to this place is lost. At least enquire in 6-7 different shops (do not worry you will get more than 200 shops at your disposal!) and buy from the cheapest place. If you intend to buy the latest gizmo from here, please do not do so. You run the risk of getting the counterfeit one. A good one albeit! For that, buy from a big, established shop. Otherwise, you might not find the same person next day!  Do not worry, a few shops can be found in this place who sell genuine products (Premiere Computers, Surabhi Computers, etc).

Nevertheless, if you are in a hurry forget the aforementioned place. There are two other places in Bangalore where you shall get good quality products at a reasonable price. One such place is “Computer-warehouse” on M.G. Road. When you reach the M.G. Road – Brigade Road crossing simply ask for the “Barton Centre”. On the first floor is the showroom. You will not get too much discount here but surely will get value for money (VFM) products. Another shop is “Binary world”. They have two showrooms in Bangalore. One is on the BDA Complex near “Indira Nagar Police Station”, the other one is on Malleshwaram Central.

Several web sites are there to check out the prices of different products. Actual prices will vary in shops, but only by two to three hundred bucks. For information, I bought my 4 GB Kingston pen drive from Binary world @ Rs. 392/- all-inclusive. 

Binary World

# 19 & 21, BDA Complex, Indiranagar, Bangalore, India 560 038.

Situated at Old Madras Road, BDA Complex is also known as RTO Complex. East of the Complex is Petrol Pump and Indiranagar Police Station While BMTC (Local Bus Service) Depot falls on the West side of the Complex. If Coming From MG Road, Take Service Road at BMTC Depot, around 200 mtrs. From there You Find Binary World Indiranagar.

Phones : 25284661, 25284662, 25290397, 25290398, 25290402, 25253622.

# 20, 1st Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore, India 560 003

Situated In 1st Cross Off Sampige Road. Take Sampige Road From Nataraj Theatre in Malleshwaram Central, Cross Sampige Theatre (200 meters. From Rajiv Gandhi Statue), Find Reebok Showroom (50 meters. From Sampige Theatre) on Your Right, Enter 1st Cross and Find Binary World Malleshwaram On Your Left.

Phones : 22970070 to 72 (3 Lines), 22970077 to 80 (4 lines).
Website: www.bwindia.net

Week Days: 10 a.m to 7.30 p.m
Sundays: 10 a.m to 1 p.m

Update 25/01/14 – Binary World has shifted their base to: http://bwindia.net/content/map-binary-worlds-corporation-circle-store-otc-road-near-town-hall-bangalore-india

Computer Warehouse

710, 7thFloor, Barton Centre, M.G.Road

SHOWROOM: 105, 1st Floor,
Barton Centre, M.G.Road,
Ph: +91-80-25586233, +91-80-25091050, +91-80-25091051/53
Service +91-80-25091307/06
email: cmp_bgl@vsnl.net +91-80-25091052
website: www.apnacomp.com

Bonus links: Check out the prevailing hardware prices from these web sites


20 thoughts on “Where to buy Computer, laptops & other Accessories in Bangalore

  1. This One article is Capable of saving thousands of hours of hundreds of people in bangalore. Author has observed Bangalore computer market very closely and has given great tips which will be useful for every it shopper in bangalore. Page is Very Well Written and Full of Authentic Information.

  2. This is very useful information for the laptop buying aspirants. Thanks boddhayan for your selfless service.


      1. Yes Bodhiyan, I agree with you. And for your kind information, Binary India closed its branch in Malleswaram and remains only at Indiranagar.


  3. flipkart and dell service is worst
    bwindia.net and anythinginit.com have best price and service
    never visit sp road all are crooks
    computerwarehouse is third best

  4. Thank You Bodhhayan, Renu & Utkarsh for having pleasant experiences at Binary World and sharing them in public. Your Kind Words mean a lot to us. We have recently started accumulating reviews and publishing them online here http://bwindia.net/content/reviews – and Our Indira nagar store has shifted to this location .. http://bwindia.net/content/map-binary-worlds-corporation-circle-store-otc-road-near-town-hall-bangalore-india and top of that we are a lot more aggressive on door deliveries.

    Hope we will Continue to Come up to your expectations and win your support and good wishes.

    Thank You
    Amit Khanna
    Binary World

  5. Thanks for the update Amit, this new place is a bit faraway from my place though. So are you guys concentrating more on doorstep deliveries?

    1. Hi Admin 🙂 Of Course, we do deliver across Bangalore for a nominal charge equivalent to one side auto fare from town hall. Cash on Delivery is also available for Bangalore deliveries. Do Let us Know 🙂

      Thank You
      Amit Khanna
      Binary World

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