You have won one million dollar! Do not fall for it

One fine day if you are told that you have won one million dollar, how would you feel? The answer is obvious but the sad part is 99 times out of 100 this won’t be true. Use your common sense and look through the fine print.

Ref: XYL /26510460037/05
Batch: 24/00319/IZP
Winning number:PL/09788/60

Congratulations winner.

This is to inform you that your email has won a prize money of One
Million Great Britain Pound Sterlings(£1,000,000.00)on the Online
PEPSI MONTHLY PROMO for the month of March 2009 which is organized by
PEPSI BOTTLING COMPANY in conjuction with various internet web
To claim your winning prize you are to send the following information
about your self to the claims processing manager for verification &
direction.Do contact the processing manager with the below contact

Name:Mr. Eric Dowell
Claims Processing Manager, Payment and Release order Department,
9.I____________________________ hereby declare that the above
information is true and binding on me. If at any time it is discovered
that I have given false information, I will forfeit my rights to my
winnings.Congratulations once again!.Pepsi Online Co-ordinator
Miss Spallici Spark.

I received this mail in my inbox. Well, as a matter of fact, although the mail is enticing, I haven’t participated in any offer from the Pepsi bottling company! I am afraid this is a hoax mail, albeit not a good one. Just to let you know, if you ever receive such a mail you should be rest assured that this is a case of fraudulence.  Easy money can only be obtained in movies and not in real life. If you are thinking of the Emran Hashmi starrer Jannat, just forget it. So, be cautious and never disclose your confidential information over the internet. No matter who it is – Nicaraguan President’s daughter or Yahoo Inc’s lottery, a scam is always a scam.

Update: Here is another sample:
Reply to:
This is to inform you that you have won a
prizemoneyof(750,000.00GBP)you will have to fill and submit your
details.1.Full name 2.ContactAddress 3. Age
Occupation 7.State 8.Country.
Name:Mr Jhonson David

7 thoughts on “You have won one million dollar! Do not fall for it

  1. Just adding to your points.

    “Please forward this mail to atleast 10 people otherwise u ll get bad luck..
    Billgates is sharing his fortune..etc etc…”

    We see such kind of fwd mails in our inbox atleast once in a day. And there are people who read it and forward the same to another 10 or 100 people in the in fear or watever…

    Why BillGates has to fwd mails to share this fortune….????? I wonder…….
    I am some of the few who doesnt forward such mails especially which says “If you dont fwd u receive bad luck…”. If the mail is really so good, you can just remove the lines that says “good luck/ bad luck” and send the same to your friends.

    There are many email hoaxes sent…What is the actual use of this. As per my thought & few readings from the net, the email hoax would be started by the spammers & on forwarding each mail, he would get a lot of address list & use for spamming.. but ofcourse some mechanism should be there to do this process of tracking the address.. And other few, may start it just for fun to test how far the mails reach…

    You may say wat is the harm in forwarding a mail.. What do i lose?? What do i gain?? The simple answer is ‘nothing’…

    May be some are true…….

    I received a mail few weeks back saying, a small kid affected by brain tumour..she was looking so pity & it was wrtten saying the AOLhas told if they forward this mail, they would benefit from it…
    For how long this mail do you think will circulate???
    It might be started on 2003 & still it is circulated?? the kid would have got recovered by this time…
    OR it is started recently & will get circulated for another 10(?) years..


    Would like mails which really carries value in it…

  2. Hi Ann, thanks for your reply. Ya, me too know about those mails in circulation. See, the problem is – if you get a mail where examples are given of people falling into trouble (dying, losing money, etc) for not forwarding mails – the first thing you can do is “forward” that mail! So, the thinking is pretty simple. Most of these hoax mails work, as they play with human emotions and sentiments. Humans, as you know, are the biggest emotional fools!

    Just my two cents.

  3. Here are a few more

    Microsoft Corporation
    111 South Jackson Street,
    Seattle, WA 98104, USA

    Dear Sir,

    We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive a cash grant of $250,000 (TWO HOUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS).This offer was based on your contribution in using Microsoft Corporation product(s).

    We appreciate your contributions – without you we would not be where we are today. You are hereby selected for the year 2009 award. Microsoft Corporation have without prejudice authorized the United Overseas Bank in Thailand to identify and arrange for the payment of your prize.

    You are therefore requested to forward the below information to Mr. Napon Wichai of United Overseas Bank Thailand quoting this Reference Number: ASKJ/598/14/HJ-09. This will help him Identify your file easily as this reference number is already with his Bank

    Do send to him immediately via email the below information’s :

    1) Your full name.
    2) Phone(mobile)Number
    3) Residential address
    4) Profession
    5) Age

    Mr. Napon Wichai can be reach at:


    I strongly recommend that you promptly respond to this notification letter immediately.

    Thank you and have a great day.

    Yours Sincerely
    Mr. Nan Webster
    (Promotion officer)
    Tel: +12066003074

  4. From the Desk of
    Dr Chatham Agboko, Chairman
    Of Dept of contract payment,
    Accra Ghana.
    Tel: +233-27-698-7308,
    Fax: +233-20-691-1299.

    Dear Friend.

    I have on 4th day of Dec, 2007 received a payment credit instruction from the Government of Ghana, by virtue of my position as civil servants and Chairman of Department of contracts and Finance Payment Ghana, to credit about four individual Construction Companies with their FULL CONTRACT FUNDS (28 Million usd) Twenty eight million united state dollars which was awarded during Kwame Nkrumah regime.

    But why I contacted you is that one of this companies is not subsist any more. Actually the company has a problem in-between the owners and that resulted the down fall of the company, and I have been keeping this secret for my self since 2007, I went and deposited the fund with an individual Bank (ECO BANK PLC) in anonymous escrow account to circumvent any trace from any body.

    I came to know you in my private search for a reliable and reputable person to handle this confidential transaction. The transaction will work out as I stated: I will make available to you the deposit slip of the money. You will come down for endorsement. There will be an agreement between you and I to avoid anybody act in a way that is contrary of what we agreed.

    Mode of sharing the money after the transaction will be 60% for me and 40% for you; I will give you more details about the transaction when I receive your affirmative response,

    You are required to contact me with my private e-mail address so that we can be able to work in hand, use the information below and get back to me.

    E-mail Address: (
    Contact Number:(+233-241-949-697)

    Thank you.
    Cordially yours,
    Dr. Chatham Agboko

  5. We are pleased to announce to you the draw of the IRISH LOTTERY
    PROGRAMME online Sweepstakes International Program held on 22 OF
    Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 56475600545 189 with
    Serial number 5369/05 drew the lucky number:1-2-12-28-39-41-15, which
    subsequently won the LOTTO RESULTS prize.You have therefore
    been approved to claim a total sum of £1,500,000 Pounds (one Million
    Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) in cash. In order to file out your
    claims, you are advised to contact the claim officer providing your personal details.
    Name: Mr. CALWELL LANG
    All reply to Email:

    Mrs. Lucy Palosky

  6. Hey, I just found this blog – thanks for writing. As an FYI that it’s not displaying properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Pearl). Either way, I am now on your RSS feed on my laptop, so thanks again!

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