Bangalore – The city of “compulsive shoppers”


The first thing to notice when you reach Bangalore is the vibrancy. The city is full of young souls. Once you get the hang of it, you will definitely fall victim to the compulsion to splurge. Not joking, really, I am serious!

Talking of happening places, one of the more vigorous portions of the city is the M.G. Road and the Brigade Road section. Both these places have interesting stories associated with them. For example, M. G. Road, for the last 50 years, housed some of the biggest brands in Bangalore. Think of Adidas, Reebok, and Nike in sports apparel and you will definitely get them here.

If you are coming from the Southern part of Bangalore then you will come across Trinity Square (named after the Trinity Church in the vicinity). From there, the M.G. Road starts. In both side of the road you shall find lots of big buildings and shops. Nalli ā€“ one of premier shops in Bangalore renowned for their large collection of sarees can also be found here. You will also come across the office of World’s No. 2 search engine – The Yahoo.

En route, on the right hand side (going from Trinity Square following the M.G. Road) you shall come across the Dickenson road. A bit further, there are Bangalore Central and Garuda Mall ā€“ two happening shopping malls in Bangalore, with Garuda mall being the largest. Further up, you will come the M.G. Road – Brigade Road crossing, and there you shall find all a magnitude of shops and camping places waiting for you.

Well, what are you waiting for, go inside!!

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