Money matters

I almost fell for it! There was this mail in my inbox from Income Tax department (Government of India), which stated based on a comprehensive review of my tax payment so far, I qualify for a refund settlement of Rs 36,850.15 which is my tax surpluses. The title of the mail was “Tax Refund Notification”.

Here’s what it says–

Dear Valued Taxpayer,

The board of revenue has successfully settled the account audit up to the first quarter of this year and thus, after a comprehensive review of your tax payment so far, you are qualified for a refund settlement of Rs 36,850.15 which is your tax surpluses. Please click on the reference below to fill and submit a refund request to enable us process and remit your refund settlement to you.


Note: Requests are processed within ten business days.

Refund can be delayed by the following reasons:
Applying after the deadline of notification.AND/OR
Submitting incomplete/inaccurate financial information.

Income Ta x Unit
Ministr y 0f Finance
Govt. 0f lndia
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Feeling happy, I clicked on the link which says “click to submit a link” and it took me to: The page asked me to select my bank and once I selected SBI, the link took me to the SBI website. SBI site was as good as the original except the URL was different. Smelling rats, I checked on the IP of the site, through and found out this is indeed a spam.


2 thoughts on “Money matters

    1. Good judgement. Even I was not expecting a return but then again these mails are targeted towards unsuspecting people. Earlier there were similar scam mails coming from prince and princesses of some obscure countries asking us to help them transfer their money to our bank accounts, and in return get a hefty commission. 🙂

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