Looking for D-link service center in Bangalore?

D-link service center location, Bangalore

Around six months back I was looking for a modem/router in the market as my existing one with Airtel died and as per my discussions with the various customer service representatives of the company I was not eligible to get a replacement. I wanted to part my way with Airtel as getting a new connection would give me a new router and save me the cost of buying a new one. However, a few unforeseen events left me with minimum choice and I had to urgently settle for D-Link DSL-2520U ADSL2 Ethernet/USB Combo Router.

In case any of you are wondering from where I purchased it, then the answer is Binary World, one of my favorite shops in Bangalore. I got it for Rs. 950 and at a much better price than anywhere in my locality.

The router worked flawlessly for six months and one fine day it started dropping signal. In the second day, out of the three lights that should be up – power, LAN and DSL – the DSL link went down. Unaware of the problem (I didn’t have a backup router) I contacted Airtel technical help. Even though I despise Airtel’s ridiculous broadband plans with FUP, I must admit, their support is much better than BSNL, Reliance or any other provider. The technician came for a scrutiny; there was no connection problem, so the issue lied with a faulty modem.

I gave a call to D-link customer care at +91-22-27626600 but had to listen to the endless “our representatives are busy attending to other customers, please wait.” Being fed up I got in touch with their RMA office directly, and deposited the faulty modem to their office.

Here’s the address in case you require.

D-Link Service Center
C/o Kaizen Info Serve Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, Karnataka 560002

A few shocks that you should prepare yourself to endure:

a) Kaizen office hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. So, you need to bend your office schedule to visit their RMA center. And don’t reach sharp at 9:30 a.m. or else you have to wait 15-20 minutes

b) The RMA center is located in a dismal building on SJP road; you need to do a lot of acrobatics to reach their office at 2nd floor

c) Standard delivery period of the RMA product is 10 days unless you carry a lucky charm

d) You won’t get any status update online but you will be intimated by D-link through SMS sent to your registered mobile number

If you are awaiting a conclusion to this rant, then yes, I did receive my RMA-ed modem on the 9th day.

11 thoughts on “Looking for D-link service center in Bangalore?

  1. Do we have to carry the bill ? I cannot find the box/bill/warranty of my modem , can we go there with just the modem?


    1. Box actually not required. If you are lucky bill also won’t be required, they will check the warranty from device serial number. A good approach would be to give them a call before going.

  2. dear sir my d-link modem connected but 30 minute after disconnected connected please help me in this

  3. Hi
    My dlink router was not working properly
    ADSL Green Light was bilking contuneslly ,so what is the problem ,i am getting confisued so much..
    Thanking You

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