So it’s your birthday today

It’s a tough ask to hide yourself online, especially on your birthday. Recently, I was another year old and on the morning of that dreadful day, when I opened Google Chrome, I could see a new Google Doodle on the home page of Google. Wondering what is it, I hovered my mouse over it and found it’s showing “Happy Birthday Boddhayan”.

Well talk about being anonymous on net. Even if you want to follow the trail of the unfortunate MH-370, in most likelihood, you can’t. That really makes me wonder if all those conspiracy theories about the missing jetliner have some truth in them. Google-doodle-happy-birthdayA few other sites also displayed the same message, when I logged in to their sites. Citibank wished me health, wealth and happiness and State Bank showed me balloons and gifts. As an afterthought, if we turn the clock 20 years back, and managers of these banks had told their subordinates to send birthday wishes to all their customers on their birthdays (or similar events), then imagine what ruckus would have happened. Most likely, people would have been cursing and swearing under their breath everyday, thinking “why are people born everyday? Why don’t they just die already”.

Automation is such a bliss to our daily work routine.

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