Get random wallpaper from a subreddit with Tasker

The main idea is to let Tasker search a picture from a subreddit, download it to your phone and set it as a wallpaper.  The task is simple but I had to dig through a lot of examples to make it working. To make it simpler, along with the screenshots I am sharing the exported .XML document too.

This is the section where you put the desired subreddit. The sorting has been shown as “top” post from the subreddit but you can use “new”, “hot”, etc.


Instead of searching post number one, I have randomized the search. Now Tasker will search any number between 1 and 25. The variable I used here is “varrandom.”


Here I am creating a new variable to store the search wallpaper data. The variable is “imageurl” and it’s fetching the JSON data from the subreddit.


Saving the wallpaper to the desired location on the phone. “APOD” is the folder I am using, and title of the image is “image.jpg.”


Finally, setting the downloaded image as the wallpaper.


Here, instead of saving the photo as a new image file, I am overwriting the same image to save space.


I have not included any profile with this task as you can use any profile of your choice. A sample profile can be – between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM, change the wallpaper every 30 minutes. You can even change the wallpaper after receiving call from a particular contact. As the possibilities are endless so, I am leaving the task of profile creation to you.

Happy tinkering with Tasker.


Note: Rename the downloaded file to read “rand-wall-reddit.tsk.xml” and place it inside the “Task” folder. Once you save it there, import the file from the Tasker app.

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